Paris, someday… soon

I’m searching the web for the “best restaurants in Paris”, “best tartare in Paris”, and “best cocktail bars in Paris”. Taking a break from so many lists, I peruse social media and see the article “French strikes: Air traffic controllers, shop assistants to join the inaction.” Huh? Gulp. When?

With only a week before My Guy and I leave for a 21-day European trip, and with our first stop being Paris, today’s news of the impending air traffic controller strike has me a little concerned. If only because Paris is a city I have longed to visit, and a city I knew, ever since I was a child, I would visit.  My inner-me is doing my best imitation of a child’s whiney voice “I don’t want to miss a day in Paris” (foot stomp, arms crossed, pouty lip).

Honestly, I have no idea if, or how, our flight might be affected. And as with any trip, we will be flexible for you never know what experiences change will bring.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu


Today’s post is inspired by the American drink with the French name, the Vieux Carré. Cheers!Image