Bourbon Love

I moved from Maine to Kentucky 14 years ago.   It has taken me nearly all of those 14 years to go from I-sort-of-like bourbon to I-love!-bourbon.  It was a steep learning curve. But recently, Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse and Raw Bar sped up that process.  This past fall, they hosted nearly a dozen Bourbon Flight Nights.  I attended all but one.  After those events, I was smitten with the brown liquid.

The bourbon tastings were held each Tuesday night.  Only one distillery was represented each Tuesday.  That distillery offered four different tastes.  After trying all four, you selected your favorite bourbon, and the bartenders would make an Old Fashioned with that bourbon.  This helped me to learn quite a few things:

  • Four tastes, plus one Old Fashioned is a lot to drink in one night.
  • I’m a big fan of the higher proof bourbons (100 proof +).
  • I like the spice from a higher rye content.
  • This was a convenient way to learn which bourbons come from which distilleries.

While these events might have been a one-time thing (I hope not!), you can replicate the process, at a bar near you, to find your own bourbon wheelhouse.  If you think this liquid gold is just so-so, using this process just might change your mind.



Today’s spirited post is inspired by George T. Stagg Jr. bourbon from the Buffalo Trace Distillery.  This particular bottle is 134.4 proof.  Here are the tasting notes (provided by Doc Crow’s & Buffalo Trace):

Nose: Heavy spice backbone with burned sugar and sturdy vanilla barrel char

Palate: Rich, sweet chocolate and brown sugar, bold rye spice

Finish: Lengthy with intense clove, cherries